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Deadbolt installation is one of the most efficient ways to add extra security to your home. At Local Halifax Locksmith we pride ourselves on providing tailored security solutions, with total customer satisfaction in mind.

Deadbolts can be installed on any and all of the external doors on your home or business, for additional security that is both strong and reliable. Make an appointment with us, and we will make a visit to assess the number, and type of deadlocks that best compliment the security of your property.

What Deadbolts Do We Install?

Single cylinder deadlocks require a key for opening from the outside, to prevent access from the exterior of the building, but have a bolt on the inside that allows for efficient exit from the inside; convenient and fire risk safe.

In some cases, we can also install double cylinder locks, which require a key from both the inside and outside. This provides extra security, but is not always the best option for a home, and might typically be installed on a more high security business premises. Other deadbolts include vertical deadbolts, which are even more resistant to break-ins, exit-only deadbolts, and mechanical and electronic push button deadbolts.

Deadbolt Installation At Local Halifax Locksmith

At Local Halifax Locksmith we can carry out security checks on your home or business, or you can tell us exactly where you need your deadbolts installing. Our highly trained and professional locksmiths provide the highest quality service in Halifax, and always work to provide the best deadbolt installation solutions to add a high level of security to your property.

Deadbolts are a popular and reliable option for home and business locking systems, both as stand-alone locking, and to compliment traditional door handle locks. You can book an appointment with us, or in case you need urgent deadbolt installation for security, we also operate an emergency locksmith service.

If you need deadbolt installations, or have any other lock or security needs, call Local Halifax Locksmith today.

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