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The first layer of security is key control, and there is perhaps no more effective solution, for a large business or institute, than the master key system installation. At Local Halifax Locksmith we can plan and install master key systems, grand master keys, and great grand master systems.

Master key systems can be simple, with two levels of access, or they can be elaborate, consisting of multiple levels to cover floors or departments, while allowing individuals restricted access. We work with you to provide a perfect master key system for your company.

What Is A Master Key System?

Typically, there will be one key that can open all locks, known as the master key. The head of the company or facility will own the master key. Heads of departments can be given submaster keys, which allow them access to an entire floor or department, and individuals can be given a key that allows them access only to one or two areas.

This system allows for an efficient internal key structure, without compromising security. Ideally, each person will only have one key, which allows them access to all areas that they need access to.

Master key system installation is one of the most cost effective, and high security access control solutions for large businesses, office buildings, apartment complexes, financial institutes, industrial buildings, and government facilities.

Master key systems:

〉 Reduce the number of keys needed in your company, and for each person
〉 Improves the overall security of your facility
〉 Fully customized system tailored to meet your needs
〉 Effective access control in a multi-level structure
〉 Master key provides full access

Master Key System Installation At Local Halifax Locksmith

At Local Halifax Locksmith, we can create the ideal custom planned solution for your building. Careful planning ensures a flawless master key system from the offset. We then skillfully install the system, and can do so by working with your existing lock hardware in many cases, saving the need to replace all of your locks.

Our locksmiths are highly trained and experienced, and are experts at master key system installation. We operate locally in Halifax, and work closely with businesses and institutes who are looking to increase the efficiency of their security and key systems. Arrange an appointment with us to discuss the structure of your master key system.

Contact Local Halifax Locksmith today to find out more about master key system installation services for your company.

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