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Since 1995 nearly all vehicles have been fitted with an immobilizer system, to increase security, and help to prevent break-ins, and key duplication for the purpose of crime.

At Local Halifax Locksmith we provide transponder key replacement services for any vehicle. Our expertly trained and experienced locksmiths work to reprogram new transponder keys for you, in the most efficient time possible.

What Are Transponder Keys?

Transponder keys are much more technical than previous types of car key, as they contain a computer chip. New cars that have an immobilizer system send a signal to the key when it is in the ignition. The chip inside your transponder key responds to this signal, and sends a signal back to the immobilizer. The signal has to match up completely, or else the car will not start.

Can Local Halifax Locksmith Replace Transponder Keys?

You may be thinking that transponder keys must be more difficult for locksmiths to replace, but this is not the case. As security and lock technology has advanced, we have advanced with it, and our locksmiths are highly trained and experienced when it comes to working with transponder keys, as well as having all of the tools required to program them.

If your transponder key becomes broken or unresponsive, or you have lost or had your key stolen, then we can program a new key for you with precision, and send it to you with rapid delivery. If you suspect that your old transponder key could be in the wrong hands, we can deprogram it from your cars immobilizer, so that it can no longer be used. We can also provide duplicate transponder keys for you, so that you won’t experience a lockout if you should lose one in the future.

Contact Us For Transponder Key Replacement

Our customer service never stops. We take calls 24/7, and operate intensively in the Halifax area, providing a local automotive locksmith service that is second to none. If you need transponder key replacement services, fob programing, or car key replacements or duplicates, then contact Local Halifax Locksmith today.

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